Blindness Unlimited


Blindness Unlimited is a video series being produced by Sonja Biggs Educational Services, Inc.  The series features Brandon Keith Biggs sharing tips and ideas about living life successfully as a blind young person.  Have you ever thought about how a blind person plays computer games? Or fixes his breakfast in the morning? How does he identify money and be sure he was given the correct change?  What apps are the most useful and how does someone blind use the touchscreen or send text messages? How does a blind person clean a toilet or mop the floor? Brandon takes the time to answer these questions and more in his video series, Blindness Unlimited, using his sense of humor and practical outlook on blindness to inform us and capture our hearts.

Brandon Keith Biggs is a 26-year-old blind actor and vocal performer.  He has a B.A. in Music Vocal Performance.  His favorite genre is opera. In addition to a beautiful bass-baritone voice, Brandon is familiar with the stage, having performed in 19 musical theater productions between California and Washington State.  Brandon is currently working on his M.De. from OCAD University in Toronto, Canada in Universal Design. We are pleased that Brandon has chosen to work with us in doing these videos for Blindness Unlimited!

Episode 1: Audio Games

Episode 2: Music Magic

Episode 3: iCan with the iPhone Part 1

Episode 4: iCan with the iPhone Part 2

Touch N Tap

This video, Touch N Tap,  is about my work as a Vision Teacher and Orientation & Mobility Specialist. I think it depicts my passion for my students, my districts, my students’ parents, and Vista Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired, where I had the privilege of working for five wonderful years before stepping out and privately contracting.

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What is a vision teacher? A vision teacher is someone who has children with visual impairments or blindness in her heart.  She works to see that they are fully accommodated in their classrooms and have the skills they need for academic, social, and life success. That is why all the components of the Expanded Core Curriculum are so important to her. She encourages her students to be the best they can be and to love learning. A vision teacher is someone who makes a positive difference in the lives of the children she teaches. She also works to educate her colleagues, peers, parents, and administrators about her role in the lives of her students and how to make sure their needs are being met. She is constantly looking for ways to get the best accommodations in the most economical means without losing the quality in the education of her students. I love my job and want to share it with you!

Note: A vision teacher can be a “he” as well as a “she.” This blog is about my journey so it will always be about “she.”