Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving cornucopia with corn, apples, pumpkins, and candles

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers! Today was an amazing day. All four of us were in the kitchen together working, making some aspect of our delicious meal. My oldest son is blind and he made some delicious fudge from scratch and an amazing salad with everything imaginable in it. Josh, my youngest made a lemon cake and a vegeterian meat loaf. Atom made the tofurky with veges around it, mashed potatoes, and baked the yams. I made the dressing, gravy, and butternut squash. I also set out an assortment of cheeses. What a delicious meal it was!

It is so important to teach our children with visual impairments to be just as skilled and comfortable in the kitchen as the rest of the family. Growing up with chores to do just like everyone else helps our children grow up with self-esteem and feeling like they are important members of the family, as well as build important skills for independence.

Not only should families include these chores at home, but these skills of learning to cook, clean, and live independently are an important part of the Expanded Core Curriculum for children with Visual Impairments. As a TVI, I need to be sure my students are learning these skills…and it makes my job so much more fun, too!

Working in the kitchen together