Blind Traveler is Coming Home! :-)

What is it like being the mom of a blind international traveler, as well as an Orientation & Mobility Specialist? My emotions are conflicted. I think, as a mother, you always hold some worry in your heart whether your child is blind or sighted when they go off on their own to travel around Europe. As an Orientation & Mobility Specialist I know my son is equipped with excellent travel skills. So my head fights with my heart and sometimes the worry is stronger than the peace of knowing he can skillfully address the challenges he faces. Brandon’s year with his Study Abroad Program in Italy through California State University East Bay is coming to a close next month. My husband and I are flying to Italy to join him and the three of us are going to travel south and then back north again where we will be joined by his delightful Italian girlfriend. We will have an opportunity to meet her family while we are there. Brandon will be our tour guide and we are looking forward to attending the World’s Fair in Milan, visiting Rome, having an exciting boat ride around the island of Capri, and experiencing a gondola in Venice. While Brandon lived in Italy, he had the opportunity to travel to London, Austria, and Sweden. These are experiences that he will savor for the rest of his life. All students, blind or sighted, should have an opportunity to experience studying abroad for a year to give them a more global view of the world. One of the most impressionable experiences in Brandon’s year has been the variety of foods that are so different from the United States. He has enjoyed the new foods while still missing some of his favorite foods that are not available in Italy…like peanut butter. Brandon has learned to make homemade pasta and other tasty treats. He has also shared some of his favorite American recipes with the locals when he can find the right ingredients. Being a blind traveler has opened the doors to many interviews and public appearances in the newspaper, on television, and on the radio. Brandon was frequently sending us links to yet another article or interview. You can read more about Brandon at We are very excited to see our blind traveling son very soon!

2015-01-29 14.52.56

Brandon Keith Biggs with his girlfriend visiting London eating Shakespeare cookies!